Please respond to the question below for course credit for the Glogster class.

*What kind of glog did you create for use in your classroom?
*What project/activity did you have your students use Glogster for in your classroom?

7/8/2013 06:26:04

I have created several glogs to use with my students next year. First a created a glog that I will use to introduce myself to the students. I hope that by using this right at the beginning of the year it will start them off thinking about glogs. I have also created a glog that will review shapes with the students. I plan to continue to create glogs with the students through the year as we talk about rules for reading and writing, expectations for Daily 5, as well as routines for solving math problems. My goal for the end of the year is to have the students create their own glog for an animal report. I have created a glog that is a how-to/template for these glogs.

Molly Campbell
7/8/2013 06:44:02

I am creating a Glog on how to factor polynomials. It includes videos and directions on how to factor.

Amy Clyde
7/8/2013 06:44:57

I have created a glog to use with my students next year. I created my glog for the letter a. I embedded videos, activities, and facts about animals that start with a. I'm so excited to make more for my kids for each letter of the alphabet.

Francis McDonald
7/8/2013 06:45:18

Great ideas for intro to classes. I developed an intro for keyboarding and starting my best of ted for warmups.

7/8/2013 06:46:57

I am teaching and having my students read the book "Walkabout", so the glog I created is an introduction to the book. I do plan on using this with my students.

Marsha Lowe
7/8/2013 06:49:22

I created several glogs to use with my students. I created a grammar glog showing the parts of speech. I also created a subtraction glog showing the rules of two digit subtraction when having to regroup. Thanks, this was a great class!

Patricia Jones
7/8/2013 06:49:42

I am thrilled to have a new tool for use in my classroom. Glogster is easy to use, visually stimulating and just plain fun! Students in 4th grade at my school create Expert Reports. In the past students make a traditional poster using posterboard, printed photos, magazine pictures, etc describing an activity in which they excel.. Students will now create and present their reports using glogster. This will create high interest from the audience as each poster will now be projected on a large screen and will have animation, audio and video.

7/8/2013 06:50:22

I have created several curriculum glogs to use with my pre-school, communication disordered students. I have based each Glog on a theme, and a book... then teaching different language concepts, such as vocabulary, responding to questions, environmental sounds, colors, counting, etc. I plan to use each glog to introduce the theme/book for the month to parents (via website) and students (in class). I have found, through other technology classes, that my students love to see things on the "big screen" in the classroom! :) Thank you for this class! It's been a BLAST!!!

Marina Coleman
7/8/2013 06:55:00

I did a lesson on Odd And Even Numbers and I plan to use it to help my second graders learn this concept.

7/8/2013 06:56:48

I am teaching a 5th grade spanish bilingual class. Every school year there is a month where Cesar Chavez is remembered. I created a glog on Cesar Chavez so that I could teach my students who he was, and what he did.

Sue Martin
7/8/2013 06:57:05

I made a computer Glogster Math/Language Art website. I really learned a lot and I feel this Glogster tool is very useful in making a interactive learning tool that is very engaging for my K students.


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