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1.   How did  you use Photo Story in your classroom?

2.  How did it go?


09/06/2012 2:47pm

I created a Photostory to introduce the Policies and Procedures for our Classroom. It was a lot of fun, but I worried so much about my voice and spent a lot of time re-recording myself. :)
It went well; the students were engaged and gave me some great suggestions to make the next one better. I'm still not sure if I will use it at Back to School Night with the parents...We'll see.

Thanks for the lesson! I'm excited! =)

Mary Lou Oland-Wong
09/07/2012 12:05pm

I created a photo story project about myself and my partner teacher in the dual language classroom. We shared this during back to school night. However, it froze up on us so it was a bit of a disaster. I will try to use this again when we do the unit being kind and helping others. Hopefully we can create a photo story that we can show to the Kindergarten students to share the first grade wisdom.

Andrea Weaver
09/10/2012 7:14am

I used photo story to do a beginning-of-the-year assessment of basic concepts with students working on that goal. It went pretty well. Students are much more engaged with the computer than they are with just picture cards.

Sue Martin
09/12/2012 8:48pm

I used photo story to teach classroom rules and procedures. It went really well because I had students model what it looks like to line up and make a straight line in the hall and in the lunch room. I took pictures of students modeling good behavior and I was able to instantly load it onto photo story and the students loved looking at themselves modeling good behaviors and procedures. Now students are asking me to take pictures of them modeling sharing and helping each other.

Sharon Moore
09/20/2012 7:31am

The photo story class was probably one of my favorites from the summer. I made a photo story with our class expectations. I showed it at back to school night as well as every day the first week of school. It was so effective.

Santos Marquez
10/09/2012 6:29am

Hi Linda, I used Photo Story to introduce all classroom expectations for the year. I included a picture per each expectation and the students rally liked it. It was very easy to understand. I explained every picture as the presentation moved on. Most of the children have been very responsible with all classroom expectations. Thanks Linda for this great opportunity.


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