To receive CACTUS credit for this class, please respond to this blog by October 15, 2012.

1.  How did you use PowerPoint in your classroom?

2.  How did it go?


Lisa Mish
09/12/2012 7:12pm

I created a powerpoint of my classroom and schoolwide procedures and presented it to my students on the first day of school. It went very well and my students seemed to enjoy it. I have put my powerpoint on the desktop of my computer so i can refer to it anytime my students need to review my classroom procedures.

Brooke Simons
09/27/2012 1:35pm

I used powerpoint at the beginning of the year to have a visual aid to go with my Beginning the Year packet. It was awesome. I linked videos and other powerpoints into one and I felt so organized. I have always used powerpoint but now I know all the bells and whistles. It also helped the students to follow along and stay on task. Nothing like a bright and colorful powerpoint to jazz up a black and white packet:)

Kari Cahoon
09/28/2012 4:33pm

Hey Linda I emailed you because i was having trouble reaching your Weebly ...so disregard it. I added a backslash to the end of the address and it took me right here! Any how, I can't believe how proficient I am at using power point now! I have been making power points for almost all of my lessons in Social studies and Health! I am putting a variety of things in them like U Tube videos, photos,maps, and interactive sites! the kids love them. Our third grade team are using power points each week to combine al of the best lessons for Storytown each week. Our next endeavor is to let the kids create on to report on a animal. We thought this would be a easy way to introduce ti to them. Great class as always! You really teach the subject matter well!

Santos Marquez
10/09/2012 6:11am

Hi, Linda I used powerpoint several days ago. I made a water cycle lesson and the students loved it. I included several pictures with labels, and it was very specific especially for those students who need the visual support. I also enjoyed teaching it. I was very pleased with the results and participation from students during the class presentation.


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