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1.  How did you use Publisher in your classroom?

2.  How did it go?


Laura Anderson (Clinton)
09/07/2012 2:11pm

I used Photostory in the classroom on the first day of school. I created a photostory to teach my fifth grade students how to make a Backpack Glyph out of different colored beads. They totally loved the Photostory and the project. Next week, I will be teaching them how to create their own Photostory. Thank you!

Andrea Weaver
09/10/2012 7:16am

I used publisher to create a handout for parents about what to expect with your student in speech therapy. I haven't heard back from parents directly yet, but it was great to have something to give to them to take home. Hopefully it will end up on the fridge or somewhere that will help remind students to do their speech homework.

Lorna Parkinson
09/14/2012 12:34pm

Publisher in the Classroom: I teach Desktop Publishing/Yearbook and using Publisher allows me to transition to the Jostens software as students begin to create the Yearbook. Also, the software used for the yearbook is “industry specific”, so using Publisher allows students to use software that is available at school, home, and office. Thanks so much for teaching the class!

Sharon Moore
09/20/2012 7:28am

I first used publisher to create a brochure for back to school night for parents and students with all of our classroom expectations. It was very well received. I then taught my students how to make brochures. It is so exciting to use this as an assessment for fieldtrips.

Brooke Simons
09/27/2012 1:37pm

I had my students do a "Getting to Know You" activity alike like we did in class. The students absolutely loved it. What they created was amazing. It is hard to locate a color printer, but the students loved the activity all the same:) I plan to use this again to do travel brochures in social studies.

Santos Marquez
10/09/2012 6:40am

Hi Linda, I used Publisher to make a brochure of my open disclosure document. I used it to send it with parents during our families conversation night. It was really easy for the parents to just hold a small piece of paper instead of a whole packet. It was so worth it to use Publisher. Thanks again.

Siuna (Sue) Martin
10/11/2012 9:54pm

I used Publisher to create a tri-fold brochure to give to my parents after Parent/Teacher conference. I noted parents were writing down helpful things to do to help their child practice reading and writing skills. Some parents were writing down useful websites that I knew were appropriate for K-students. I decided to put all this information into a colorful brochure as a quick reference and also as a reminder of things that will help their students succeed in school.


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