Please respond to the question below for course credit for the Microsoft Publisher class.

*What kind of Publisher document did you create for use in your classroom?
*What project/activity did you have your students use Publisher for in your classroom?



Beth Hartung-Soria
07/11/2013 2:15pm

I created a quick publication for my classroom rules. I also am going to make business cards but to use as point cards.....

Marina Coleman
07/11/2013 2:23pm

I made a poster for reading. This was a great class, I learned a lot!

Kristen Ross
07/11/2013 2:24pm

I created my Welcome Back to School Greeting Card that I mail out to my students before school starts. It looks great and it was super fun to make!

Deb Crane
07/11/2013 2:40pm

I made a poster identifying Think Pair Share. In addition, I am working on a brochure for my class disclosure for the parents.

Francis McDonald
07/11/2013 2:45pm

Made Business cards for my new position at Glendale


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